Our Lifetime Warranty

While most Hampton Road roofing contractors keep their workmanship warranties short in length (1-5 years), Hutto Roofing Inc. guarantees our workmanship for the LIFETIME of the product. Whether you choose Hutto Roofing Inc. or another Hampton Roads roofing contractor, be sure to ask how long they guarantee their workmanship – if it’s not for the lifetime of the new roof, then you should seriously consider Hutto Roofing Inc. for your new roofing project!

Things our lifetime workmanship warranty do not cover are things that are beyond our control and have nothing to do with our workmanship but we feel the need to state. Storm damage, material defects and the hiring of other contractors that modify or damage our roof. All of our materials are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. Our company will be happy to assist you in making the proper repairs or replacement should any any of the above mentioned things happen to your roof. Contact us today for your FREE ESTIMATE.